Office Accessories

Office accessories including CPU stands, letter trays, dust bins, plant holders,hat and coat stands, desk sets, magazine racks, filing cabinets and carpet protectors are a few of the office accessories we can provide.

Boardroom furniture

Our boardroom, executive and conference room office furniture is designed to make a statement about who you are as a company, and to reflect your values and corporate identity.

Canteen furniture

Canteen furniture, tables and chairs are manufactured for use within the canteen and dining room environment. We offer all kinds of table and chair combinations including bistro style and dining style designs as well as bench style seating with matching tables.

Chairs & Seating

Executive seating is not only of importance to the executive who will occupy the chair, but also reflects the entire ethos and style of the company. The seating and office of executives convey how the company treats its management and therefore its clients.


Couches can be used in visitors waiting areas, reception areas, as a meeting place in an executive office and in staff relaxation areas.


Admin / staff desking needs to be efficient, durable and easy to keep clean. Admin desking is available in a variety of styles, configurations and finishes, well designed to enable smooth work flow.


Your reception area is the first area all visitors see when entering your place of business, so is of prime importance. The reception desking, seating and waiting area should all be easily identifiable as being your company and should give a great first impression.