Executive Seating

 Executive seating is not only of importance to the executive who will occupy the chair, but also reflects the entire ethos and style of the company. The seating and office of executives convey how the company treats its management and therefore its clients.

Conference & Training Seating

 Conference and training seating needs to be portable, easily storable, and very versatile. Office Metamorphosis will supply you with the best seating for your conference and training centre that will satisfy all your requirements. The seating can be manufactured in your corporate colours to match the rest of your office design.

Stock Seating

 Our range of stock seating. We have executive chairs, operators, management chairs, draughtsman, visitor and canteen chairs as well as conference chairs available.

Draughtman & Industrial Seating

Draughtsman and Industrial Seating is specialized seating required when the person using the chairs requires flexibility of movement, both up and down and swivel action. The seating provided by Office Metamorphosis takes cognizance of these requirements while still taking note of the design ethic of the office space ensuring an aesthetically pleasing work space..

Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomic seating / chairs are very important as they allow you to sit in a position that is natural and comfortable with little strain on the body.

Operators Seating

Operators seating – the most important seating in a company. When the workforce have comfortable, efficient chairs that allow them to perform to their optimum, the company benefits with greater productivity.